FreeBSD 6.1 and X11BASE

This is a dumb place for this, but this problem really drove me crazy, and Google, for all its good intentions, just wasn’t very helpful. So if you run into this problem, here is the solution:

While updating ports, I ran “make” and got this error:

X11BASE is now deprecated. Unset X11BASE in make.conf and try again.

Of course, X11BASE is NOT set in make.conf. And trying to “unset” it didn’t give me any satisfaction.

However, if you SET it, then you are good to go.

Add this line to make.conf:


Heh. Imagine that.

And yes, I know. The moral of the story is don’t run two major versions behind on an OS.

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  1. ratchetcat says:

    Thanks for writing this up, Chad. You just saved hours of my life.

    Completely agree about not running two versions behind — if I had any other choice, I’d certainly have taken it. đŸ˜‰

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